Thanks for checking out my “new” website. This has been a year of big changes for all of us, I think, and my website was part of that. Numerous and rapid tech changes left it in the dust a while back, so it’s really a pleasure to be able to get in and post and enjoy all the work my wonderful webmaster has done. Thank you, Kara at B4 Studio!

Changes. I’m not sure how many of them people can actually see in me, but from the inside the changes are huge. They are the kind I see in my paintings more than anywhere else. They’re the kind that take place in the heart. I can’t help but reflect them in paint. 

Those of you who have visited before know that I’ve pared down dramatically. Almost all of my paintings are of people, now, and have been for well over a year. It was a business decision at first, so of course I had resisted it for, well, forever. You hear it throughout the painting world: paint what you love. And I love everything. Animals, flowers, trees, mountains, rusty hinges on old doors, the sun shining through dust motes onto a wooden floor, I love them all.

Most of all, though, I love people, so when my husband and some incredible painters told me — again — to concentrate on just one subject type, I chose people. They’ve been my greatest love affair since I was a child. 

My experience painting in series, especially my two 30-day Apple series had already taught me that my husband was right. Painting in series is, for my money, the single fastest, clearest, and least expensive teacher there is. My painting skills have increased exponentially since I made that choice. 

What I didn’t realize was how deeply it would affect my inner life and my peace of mind. Painting people, you see, has taken me more deeply into my heart than any other subject would have. I’ve seen things there that take me aback, things that embarrass me, things that lift me up, that give me joy, all because I’ve looked other people in the eye and, over and over, painted what I’ve seen.

So in this new and unpredictable time, artists, look within. And by all means, paint what you love. 


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