“Supper at Carine’s” - Watercolor by Kate Aubrey

After Jeannie McGuire. While I haven’t worked myself up to using a lot of titanium white, the way she started with intense color and deep darks grabbed me by the throat and shook me. Wow, I thought, and plunged into my own painting after her demo.

The first stroke on “The Committee” (three men above right) would never have happened if I hadn’t been so fired up. I wouldn’t have had the nerve. The painting just flew out of my brush, though, and I was so happy with the results that I’m slapping in darks with great abandon.

I’ve made a few mistakes and taken things too far too fast a couple of times, but see how my work has grown. “Supper at Carine’s” earned my first Best in Show!

So try it. Or try something else that fires you up. And remember:  No guts, no glory!




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