“The Sound of Silence” by Kate Aubrey

Mother Nature doesn't sleep. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. Still no wind, but when I parted the blinds, those tattered-soft San Francisco clouds were racing across the sky.

OK. Time to crack a window open on the house's lee side. That's to equalize pressure inside the house with the rapidly falling pressure on the outside of the house. I didn't know that until the day before yesterday. Deed done. Fell into bed and slept.

Seven a.m. saw us both awake. The clouds were still high and rain-free on this side of the storm, still racing madly, but in a different direction. Because the storn is circular counterclockwise, the farther north it moves, the more the wind angle changes. Last night it was from the east southeast. At seven, it was from the southeast with steady but unimpressive winds down here with occasional gusts to maybe 30 mph and cooler. We stood out on the porch and watched for a couple of minutes, and it felt good. 

Now, at 10:00, we are up to a steady 25 or 30 mph with gusts to 45, and the wind has shifted so it's coming from the south southeast. The town of Mashpee (Native American name, maybe?) just to the north of us has reported power outages, and our lights have flickered more than once.

Our house has started talking back to the storm. Creaks and short, stubborn groans, quick little pops around the windows when a strong gust hits. The sounds are more abrupt and less constant than our hosues in Reno were, probably because the construction is so much more solid. Floors squeak? Heavens no. That would be shoddy workmanship out here where the nor'easters blow twice as hard as we've seen so far. Add the threat of the occasional hurricane to it, and you have enough to keep the builders honest. How refreshing. :) I'll let you know if we see any flying fences

So we're cuddled into our favorite reading chairs with Zach the very big poodle snoozing in his bed near my feet. Suzie the cat is curled up in his other bed.

And oops, there goes the power. It's Sunday at 10:12 a.m., and I didn't quite get this out. We'll see how long it is before it comes back on.

Signing off to save computer power.

OK, 11:23. Power's back on again, yay, but we don't know for how long. Getting some sideways rain now, and happier with the power on.


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