Winter Aspen and Golden Sky - by Stephen Quiller - Watercolor and Casein

SteveQ5I am incredibly excited about this coming August and September. A deep love of the United Kingdom has something to do with it, of course, but add a Stephen Quiller workshop to it, and now you’re talkin’, honey! Aside from being a phenomenal painter, that man can teach!

Armed with the amazing insights I gained during Mike Bailey’s “Watercolor Beyond the Obvious” workshop last March, I expect to make some of the big steps forward I’ve been working toward for the last four years. With luck, I’ll have the opportunity to paint some of the people of Scotland, too, something I’ve always wanted to do.

David and I will spend time in Wales and Northern Yorkshire, seeing for the first time where our ancestors came from. I especially want to return to Rivaulx Abbey, one of the true holy places in the world and the inspiration for several past paintings. We’re still finding out whether or not I’ll be permitted to paint on site.

Either way, I’ll be returning with new insights, new paintings, and plenty of inspiration!

Pictured at right:
Highland Sheep Painting #3
by Stephen Quiller
Transparent Watercolor

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