We all have our favorite links. Here are a few of mine. There are so many great workshop instructors out there; I couldn’t possibly list them all. Instead, I’ve included those which have been even more helpful to me or my students than usual, as well as some sites I particularly enjoy.


Stephen Quiller

One of my absolute, all-time favorite painters & people, Stephen paints like he breathes. He’s the teacher I've returned to again and again through the years.

"Winter Aspen and Golden Sky"
 By Stephen Quiller
 Transparent Watercolor & Casein


Jeannie McGuire

There aren’t many watercolorists today who teach what Jeannie McGuire teaches. She doesn’t aim at beginning or intermediate watercolorists. Boy, can she wield a brush and paints, but when she teaches, technique is not her thing. If you’ve reached the point where learning another technique doesn’t feed that yearning inside you, where you’ve got a pretty good handle on composition and you can see abstract shapes, if you are pretty sure of yourself as a painter yet dissatisfied because it feels like your paintings are all the same, you’re ready for more. You need to break out of your own box. You need to break out so you can go farther inside yourself. This is what Jeannie McGuire teaches. I’ve taken two of her workshops, and she does a heck of a job.


John Salminen

Some people can teach anyone at any level. John Salminen is one of those people. He has an incredible knowledge base and a wonderful ability to make the complex simple in his well thought out workshops. His abstract workshop taught me wonderful things about composition and how to see and assess my own paintings in progress much more clearly than I ever had before. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a teacher and a phenomenal artist. Go prepared to work and learn.


Mike Bailey

One of the best workshop instructors for teaching you how to go that one step further. If he can’t break you out of your box, no one can.

 By Mike Bailey


Lian Quan Zhen

Internationally known & a very active workshop instructor, Lian (pronounced Lan as in “land”) is a powerhouse of a teacher.

"Water Lily"
 By Lian Quan Zhen
 Transparent Watercolor & Casein

Sierra Watercolor Society

This is Reno’s local -- and very active -- watercolor society. It’s a great group of people.

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