First snow from our west window

This is not a normal winter. Everyone from Boston to Provincetown says so. Here it is, December 18th, and we have just gotten our first snow here in Falmouth. All 1/64 of an inch of it.

Hey, I’m not complaining; we’ve had plenty to get used to for the last half year, so the reprieve has been welcome. I’m just kind of amazed. It actually felt good to look out the window and see a little white. There’s a silly little non-committal breeze blowing random flakes around, the perfect day for Christmas tree decorating and painting.

I’ve finished one of my summer plein aire pieces, “Youth”, and know I need to do more work to finish “Blue Moon” than I’d thought I would thanks to an excellent critique session last Friday, so I’m set for the day.

Joy and peace to all of you, and a wonderful week ahead.


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