“23rd Psalm” by Kate Aubrey - Transparent Watercolor

Excitement comes in all sizes and shapes these days. From requests to teach workshops to the upcoming Scotland trip to study with master water media artist Stephen Quiller, this has been an amazing few months. And it just keeps coming!

Recently, I entered “23rd Psalm” (below) and “Remembrance” (see my Florals) in the Richeson 75 Still Life & Floral 2010 International Competition, and both of them were accepted! For an artist who has no “region” in which to  compete on her way from locally known to nationally known, this is a huge step. You see, Reno is geographically pretty isolated, so all the venues jump directly from local (a 50 mile or so radius) to national. That means a big jump in the level of expertise in competitors.

OK, so now you can appreciate how exciting it is to find out “23rd Psalm” was awarded 2nd Place in the Other Media category.

Did I jump up and down in circles making Woohoo! noises? Oh, yeah. Thank you again, Jane Hofstetter and Mike Bailey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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