"Summer Bright" by Kate Aubrey

You’ve all heard of the Big Fish Little Pond Scenario, haven’t you? Well, so had I, and believe me, there are so many highly accomplished artists out here “on-Cape” that I was feeling a bit intimidated.

The best cure for that, of course, is to take a deep breath and plunge in, so that’s what I did. Paintings were finished and framed. Shows were located and entered, paintings were delivered, and breath was held.

The outcome? Three sales (at more than twice the regular price in Reno...wow) and a first place in watermedia in the Falmouth Artists Guild’s Summer Juried Show for “Summer Bright”! I’ve included photo below. Out of 248 pieces entered, only about 60 were accepted, so it was very exciting.

So thank you all for your encouragement. It would have been hard to work up the nerve without it.

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