Zach and I before the move

...we’ve seen a lot of them in the last seven weeks; we being one husband, one incredible brother-in-law, one poodle, and one cat. My apologies to those of you who haven’t heard from me during that time period.

With almost no notice, we had 3 weeks to fly to Massachusetts, get a rental to live in (which we did not get, actually, until the day the moving van simply couldn’t put off delivery any longer. Talk about stress...), pack up a household and my business with all its supplies, get our house rented, arrange for teachers to take over as many students/classes as possible, say goodbye, and drive 3003 miles to Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

Why, you ask? Believe me, there were times we asked ourselves that. The short answer is that my husband is now employed with NOAA at their Woods Hole fisheries location. He loves it, which makes all the craziness of moving worth while.

Our landlords came through at the last minute after fighting their way through The Closing From Hell and allowed us to deliver our furniture to their newly purchased future-retirement-house the day before our lease started. We are So saved us about $4000 in add-on moving fees. Whew!

Since then, unpacking has ruled my life. I have made time for two figure-painting sessions and one plein aire session with members of the Falmouth Art Guild, but that is literally all the creativity I have had the time and energy for since early May. I don’t know if I have ever been so tired.

Fortunately, my back and neck finally convinced me to take a couple of days “off”. I spent them reading and doing as little as possible and *poof!* I feel human again. Yay!

Now I have this burning need to paint and write chewing on my rear portions, plus 3 unfinished paintings sitting and staring at me. The rest are all still packed up, but that won’t last long.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with photos of said paintings, maybe an art tip or two, and lots of love to all of you in Reno.

Oh, yeah, and maybe some photos of the area. I was so exhausted during and after the trip that I never broke out my camera. Even I can hardly believe that!

Happy painting,

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