A devoted watercolorist for over 40 years, Kate Aubrey  has studied with today's most notable watercolorists and has won numerous awards. When she is not teaching, she can be found in her studio concentrating on her figure and floral paintings with a dash of landscape or still life thrown in.

I get lost in people’s eyes. They are like bridges: painting them crosses all boundaries, pulling me into a stranger’s heart and from there into my own. They show me how precious we are.

For a time I step out of myself into a world more alive than anything I could have imagined. My hand, my arm, my torso shout colors onto the paper, slap the brush, mush it, liquefy the edge with water so paint bleeds into softness and cries…or laughs. Or dreams. Between the hope and the hardship, the love and the fears, that’s where I unearth the truest treasures. Like an archeologist, I uncover precious lost bits of myself as I paint, then carefully dust them off to see, learn from, and share with others. Perhaps they’ll see something, too.

It isn’t easy. Nothing important is. Sometimes painting is like pulling out fingernails; sometimes it’s like making love. Always, it’s exactly like being completely alive.

~Kate Aubrey

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  • October 6, 2020


    Thanks for checking out my “new” website. This has been a year of big changes for all of us, I think, and my website was part of that. Numerous and rapid tech changes left it in the dust a while back, so it’s really a pleasure to be able to get in and post and enjoy all the work my wonderful webmaster has done. Thank you, Kara at B4 Studio!

    Changes. I’m not sure how many of them people can actually see in me, but from the inside the changes are huge. They are the kind I see in my paintings more than anywhere else. They’re the kind ...

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