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Painting is exploration—of myself, of the world, of the human condition. So what could be better for exploring than my favorite subject, people? And because I’m always exploring, I’ve grown and learned and changed. More and more, my feelings and innermost thoughts affect how I apply the paint: smooth and soft and youthful, or edgy and textured and aged, or bold and blocky. The backgrounds speak to beliefs deeply held, challenges faced and met.

As my process evolves, so have my choices of the tools I use. My favorite paints are Stephen Quiller Watercolors, although I usually use several of M. Graham’s corresponding colors when I teach. Each brand offers excellent paints, and I recommend them both. As for my brushes, I switch back and forth between Da Vinci Maestro Rounds (the No. 8 is marketed as the Mary Whyte brush) and Jack Richeson Series 7000 (Quiller) Brushes, rounds and flats, depending upon mood, my paper choice, and the emotional impact I’m aiming for.

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