Watercolor Painting - Dreamer




Unveiled series, No. 11

22 x 14”

Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper


Life is full of dreams. From our first discovery that if we cry, someone will pick us up, we dream. Of moving around on our own hands and knees; of standing up like people around us; of actually walking from here to there. Walking! Wouldn’t that be grand?

We are born dreamers or humankind wouldn’t have made it out of the trees, much less to the moon and the internet. We talk because we dream. We think because we dream, and we dream so much bigger and better than we are. Ask any artist and see how many of their paintings measure up to their dreams of what those paintings would be. See if even a few did. 


That means we create because we dream and we grow because we create. Rooted in the now, ensnared in reality; still, we dream.

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