30 x 22”
Fabriano Artistico 140# Rough

This street musician in front of the cathedral in Strausbourg, Germany is perhaps my favorite memory of this beautiful part of the world. His music grabbed me around the heart and pulled me to him, totally lost in the music because he was totally lost in the music. He gave no thought to how he looked or who might walk up and drop money in his money box. He just played. Totally absorbed, I soared, then wept, then soared again as the music soared and wept then took wing once more. There was never any doubt that he would be the first Rhine painting I would do.

I also knew it would be him and his music with whom I would experiment, using titanium white and greys I’d never thought of using until working with watercolorist Jeannie McGuire for one glorious week. She…and he…taught me so much.

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