23 x 22”
“Unveiled - Life and Hope Through a Woman’s Eyes” Series No. 23
Watercolor on Hahnemuehle Cézanne 140# cold press

I have wanted to paint this for so long, soft and quiet, simple yet complex. One of my favorite models ever, this woman was the catalyst for a series of paintings that will probably be finished only when I can no longer paint. She touches me in places I'm sometimes reluctant to look. She points and says, "Yes. Here. This is the place. Look here." She has, quite literally, helped me grow and heal in ways I never imagined I could.

And that's why I paint. It's how I paint. I need the truth about me. That internal, infernal, insatiable desire to heal and grow and Be all that I can be simply never lets go. I rest sometimes, but it doesn't last long. A few days, a few weeks or months, and she and I are at it again. I am so grateful for her help.

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