Watercolor Painting - Places to Go


Places to Go


30 x 22"
Watercolor on Fabriano Esportazione

Knoxville architecture is rich in stonework. Its buildings of brick, limestone, and local marble beg for the texture of Fabriano Esportazione 150 pound rough watercolor paper. This is a beautiful handmade paper I bought in the late 1970s only to discover I couldn’t yet paint well enough to use it properly. Regretfully, I put it away until the day I could handle it. Five major moves and a lot of years later, I knew when I took the photo for “Places to Go” that I would finally use that paper. The result is pavement and brickwork that I can feel just looking at it. With a deep sense of purpose and a a spring in his step, this elderly man fit right The hardest thing about doing this piece was my profound regret that this gorgeous paper is no longer made.

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