What I Know Now


17  x 29”
Saunders Waterford 260# Hot Press

An artist friend introduced us as she and I worked our way through Knoxvillle’s Market Square taking photos for painting inspiration. He was great and so excited about me maybe painting him that he couldn’t quit talking and kept posing in front of me. Now, if you’ve seen much of my work, you’ve noticed that I prefer candid portraits, not posed. But he was thrilled with the idea and so eager to be painted that I took some photos to make him happy. His hair and beard were phenomenal, after all. Who knew? Maybe I’d get something intriguing.

I was right. The photos didn’t look like much when I went through them…until I went to work with the cropping tool. Suddenly, there it was. I couldn’t breathe, it was so perfect and moving. What a privilege he gave me. I painted him, and I’ll never be the same again.

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