What It Takes


Marilyn Brisbois Memorial Award - TN Watercolor Society 2020 Biennial Exh.
Ty series No. 1
23 x 24”
Saunders Waterford 200# Hot Press

The first time I saw her, I knew I had to paint her. Full of boundless enthusiasm, she made dressing an art. She totally wowed me. The second time I saw her, she wore wonderful twisted braids around her head and down one side of her face and tied them off with feathers! And her attitude. What a great person! I gave her my email so we could set up a photo shoot.

Full of life and a rare sweetness of character, she’s been away from home long enough to have a certain confidence and that unfettered optimism that marks the twenty-something years.  There is a strength in those things and in her. It’s how we survive those years after we leave home and family, how we keep going long enough to find our way. That’s what I wanted to catch. Because if we’re lucky and work hard enough, we still have that later on.

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