Watercolor Painting - Hot




16.5 x 8”
Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper

Sometimes you have to go wild. These sunflowers  are a perfect example. During Highfield Hall’s opening for our group show, “Seven by Seven”, I was working from a live setup while people looked on. Things were going well. After a while, though, they began to feel like every sunflower I’d ever painted. What to do? I couldn’t just stop and toss ‘em, then move on to something new. I had to go for something exciting while keeping what I’d already done.

So I asked myself the Ted Nuttall Question: “What is the riskiest thing I could do?” 

“Red,” popped into my mind, complete with picture, excitement, energy, and yes, a little fear. I plunged my brush into the cadmium red and painted what I saw in my head. The background just flowed into place. Wild is wonderful.

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