1 to 3 days - Beginner through Advanced

Kate Aubrey, Instructor

Not Your Usual Color Theory with Kate Aubrey is not your usual, dry color theory presentation. It’s a crash-course, cheat-sheet presentation full of intriguing information you can use right away. There’s a lot to discover, so it’s fast-paced. Boredom is not an option. There will be demos. There will be student experimentation. There will be answers to your questions about how Kate mixes and uses color to achieve the effects that give more impact to her work. You, too, can learn to mix gorgeous color, so come prepared to take notes and experiment!



  • Although this color theory workshop is designed so you can use your own paints, paper, etc., I do ask that you have M. Graham’s or Stephen Quiller’s Cadmium Yellow Light. Yes, it’s important to get the exact color name by the exact maker. If you are using a medium other than watercolor, please bring all of your yellows; we might be able to find a match for my cad yellow light.
  • I also require every painter have pthalocyanine blue (no other descriptors on the label) and either permanent rose or quinacridone rose on their palette.
  • The paper you usually use in quarter sheets and one or two half sheets. These will be for experimentation and exercises, so backs of old paintings can work well, too.
    NOTE: Cheaper papers in notebook form usually take the paint differently and are more difficult to use, nor do they show you what the paint will look and act like on your favorite paper. I discourage their use.
  • Please bring your usual painting setup and a nice spread of colors sufficient for quick exercises and experimentation.

If you have questions about the supplies, please call or email me and ask. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 775-315-0468
Because people often ask, here is a listing of my usual painting supplies and tools:


Watercolor Paints:


Color Name



Cadmium Yellow Light

M. Graham or Quiller


Permanent Orange



Cadmium Red Light



Cadmium Red

M. Graham or Quiller


Quinacridone Rose

M. Graham


Quinacridone Violet

M. Graham


Ultramarine Violet

M. Graham


Ultramarine Blue 

M. Graham


Pthalocyanine Blue

M. Graham


Richeson Turquoise



Richeson Green



Permanent Green Light

M. Graham


Cerulean Blue

M. Graham or Quiller


Naples Yellow - optional


+Primary colors (aka colors with Super Powers)

Quiller Traveling Palette

Watercolor Brushes:

Richeson 7000 series watermedia - carried by Jerry’s Artarama, Quiller Gallery (www.quillergallery.com) and Dick Blick (www.dickblick.com) online:

  • No. 8 round
  • No. 12 round
  • 3/4” flat
  • 1 1/2” flat
  • 2” flat (for half sheet and larger)
  • 3” flat (for full sheet and larger)

Watercolor paper – Hahnemuehle Cezanne (rough surface), Saunders Waterford, Arches or Fabriano Artistico, rough or cold press, 140#.

Painting setup:

  • Sketch pad, 9 x 12” or 5 x 7” for design sketches/notes
  • Pencils (graphite) - Prismacolor Turquoise 2B or Durwent HB or equivalent
  • Pencil sharpener - small, handheld, metal
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Mr. Clean Original Magic Erasers
  • Mabef French Backpacker’s Easel
  • Board to support watercolor paper - hollow-core drafting board, plywood, masonite, Gatorboard, or other boards made for the purpose and carried by art stores and mail order art suppliers. 
  • Water container(s)
  • Viva original paper towels
  • Spray bottle - adjustable from a fine spray to a stream (Hobby Lobby)
  • Hair dryer
  • Plain old masking tape – 1 ½” works well, the kind made by 3M. Special tapes made for artists are OK.
  • Old clothes, smock or apron
  • Canon Rebel SLR digital camera or smartphone camera
  • Laptop or tablet

***Please note that I will have some paints, brushes, and paper available for purchase. M.Graham and Quiller paints can often be found at or ordered by your local art supply store. You can keep them in business by looking there first.

  • M. Graham and Quiller brands are carried online at www.jerrysartarama.com; you can find them by clicking on the “See All” button below the ones they list first.
  • M. Graham brand is available at www.dickblick.com.
  • Quiller brand paints can also be purchased at www.quillergallery.com, whose prices are sometimes less than through the above suppliers.

Workshop Testimonials

Oak Ridge Art Center, July 2020

[Kate] really helped me think of color differently & understand Quiller’s Wheel better & how to use it. Enjoyed her class! Will help me see paintings & natural colors in a more nuanced way.  ~ Sarah A.

…full of information that was extremely helpful. Gives many creative directions in use of color — flexible but safe experiments with color. Very direct and easy to understand. ~ Sondra A.

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