Watercolor Painting - Live Life Like You Mean It


Live Life Like You Mean It


17 x 21.5”

Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper


This was a rough one. It started out like a dream come true, the rich, flannel reds, Bill’s impish grin that he gives you just before he makes you laugh. I was in love through the first three washes.


Then I moved to the background.  Curses! Egad! Oh, foul, foul, fate! I really messed it up, and it wouldn’t lift. Instead of setting off Bill’s warmth of spirit, ominous storm clouds had gathered ‘round.


It took me a year and a half of staring at it, but one day I picked it up out of a drawer and knew what to to do. That’s how creativity works. Sometimes you have to let go and give it some space. Love you, Bill.

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