Watercolor Painting - Against All Odds II


Against All Odds II


22 x 30"
Watercolor on Saunders Waterford 300# Rough

Hollyhocks hold a special place in my heart. They will grow almost anywhere. When I was a child, they sprouted from seeds in an unwatered, gravel spot on the north side of the house. This was unusual because I grew up in high desert. They do well in wonderfully wet England, and one of these days' I will find out how they do in even wetter Tennessee.

For this one in Reno, NV, I played with banding to hold the background together and guide the eye. Although I had something much lighter in mind, it turned out darker and more subtle than the original start. As often happens, the painting just dragged me there. This one speaks to courage and strength and the ability to rise above whatever besets us.

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