Watercolor, Acrylic & Ink Painting - Against All Odds


Against All Odds


Apple A Day Series No. 28
7 x 7”
Watercolor with ink on Fabriano Artistic 140# Rough

 This apple had to fight for its life. I'm always telling my students not to quit on paintings that aren't working out, and this one qualified. I had to take it To The Sink. It really got hosed down. Not just a little. Big Time. Full force, whole-image spray gun. Then I dried it out and went back into it. I could no longer approach the hosed-off painting the way I had planned. I had to paint the painting that showed up.

In the end, though, what I have is much more interesting than what I had in mind, with a lot of deep emotions attached and filled with hope. I love this piece.

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