Watercolor & Ink Painting - Life Goes On


Life Goes On


Apple A Day Series No. 27
7 x 7"
Watercolor with ink on Fabrione Artistico 140# Rough

Sometimes, I just wake up wanting to ad lib, even--or maybe especially--with my paintings. I went with the urge here. No picture or concept in my head, just color palette, apple, format. I knew I wanted greens, oranges and golds; they are growing colors for me. I went with my gut on placement of the apple within the square and painted until it was done. Whenever I ran into a snag, I went with my intuition or an Appleish demand. It's like singing a song in the shower or in your car with the windows rolled up. No matter the tone or emotion of the piece, you're a rock star, an operatic virtuoso. You're free!

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