Watercolor & Ink Painting - Opposing Forces


Opposing Forces


Apple A Day No. 25
11 x 7”
Watercolor with ink on Saunders Waterford 200# Rough

You wouldn't think they could, but paintings can be opinionated things. Demanding, too. I'm not saying you can hear them, necessarily, but artists do learn, over time, to listen for them. Eventually, they even learn to listen To them.

Take this lovely Apple, for instance. What started out as an ode to serenity rather abruptly became Something Else halfway through. All of a sudden my Apple was dealing with an overbearing orb. So it leaned into it. Then a flat shape poked out at it. So it countered with a balancing long, flat shape right in the overbearing orb.  An orange square popped in. "HaHA!" the Apple cried like Errol Flynn in a sword fight , and popped a blue circle up above. And so it went until, at last, the painting was done.

So. That curved background shape may be big, but Apple 25 is a force to be reckoned with. I don't know about you, but my bet is on the Apple.

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