Watercolor & Ink Painting - Washing Her Cares Away


Washing Her Cares Away


Apple A Day Series No. 22
12 x 6”
Watercolor with ink on Saunders Waterford 300# Rough

One morning, I woke up with a new apple in mind. No precursors, no metamorphosing of prior ideas. It was just there. That's the thing about painting just one subject over and over again. One doesn't "run out of ideas". If you commit to it, the subject renews itself constantly because once you run out of new things to learn about the subject, your right brain comes out to play.

Learning an apple's realistic secrets is fun and, yes, your right brain is having fun, but playing with the knowledge once you have it is wonderfully happy stuff. Stories are invented, similarities and differences exaggerated, rules pushed and pulled. New ideas are born.I went into this challenge knowing that. Even so, these apples continued to surprise and delight me day after day in a way I still can't quite believe.

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