Watercolor Painting - Peace




22 x 17”
Watercolor on Saunders Waterford 200# Rough

As a teacher, my demonstrations are geared for my students, not me. They want to learn how to make things glow like I do, speak of things they know and love as well as I do...or better! So I concentrate on realistic  techniques like glazing and the judicious use of wet-in-wet. That means I can't go off on some wild hair halfway through because the painting says, "Hey! Do this! You're gonna like it!" if I'm teaching beginners and less-experienced painters.

What I can do is what I did here: after the painting is well along, the techniques taught, I can add richness and depth, feeling and originality with an unusual use of color, brushstroke, sometimes texture. This is one of my favorite tulip paintings I've ever done, and I've students to thank for it.

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