Watercolor & Ink Painting - A Question of Balance


A Question of Balance


Apple A Day Series No. 17
6 x 12"
Watercolor with ink on Saunders Waterford 200# Rough

My first thought upon awakening that morning was, "I don't have any apple ideas I want to paint today." And I didn't...for about 30 seconds. That was how long it took me to let go of worry and let my mind float, still half asleep. Immediately, an idea came to mind. Then another, and another, and...well, I ended up with five possible paintings. I got up and started prepping, once again still in my jammies.

My yoga class was that morning, though, and I had to stop. Then I discovered another 2:00 appointment I hadn't known about. Bleah. So blame it on yoga. By the time I finally sat down to finish the drawing (the poor apple was hanging in midair when I left for yoga), I was raring to go. My hand thought for me as soon as I drew in the shelf. I poured out a bit of India ink and never looked back.

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