Watercolor & Ink Painting - Howling at the Moon


Howling at the Moon


The Big Apple series, No. 3
22 x 11"
Watercolor & Ink on Saunders Waterford 140# Rough paper

Inspired by nights in the Nevada desert, this painting brings back childhood feelings of the comfort the moon brings when one sits quiet in the back yard at dusk. Now, though, Apple has a companion.

The Black Dot first appeared in Apple A Day No. 15 - "By the Sea" as a balancing element. In AAD No. 17 - "A Question of Balance", it was a small, gold star acting in the same capacity. It returned in AAD No. 18 - "Found" as itself, at which time I realized it was there to stay. And it was. It has appeared in every "Apple World" painting since.

This was not a grand idea I had. It was not consciously thought about, decided upon, then executed. It was a big, scary, indelible ink orb, black on white, that "felt" right and wrong both at once. It felt right, though, so I trusted myself and put it in. Since then, it has become friend, companion, and co-conspirator in Apple adventures. It has its own personality, and is an active character in its own right. I look forward to seeing it each time.

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