Watercolor Painting - The Jumping Rock


The Jumping Rock


22 x 15”
Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper

I started this painting on my first plein aire outing in Tennessee. After a hard move and unpacking woes, it was an incredible relief to just go out and paint with a group of like-minded souls. Getting started was another matter, though. Every pencil mark I put down had to be erased, it seemed, and the sunlight was changing, changing. Finally, I stopped in mid-reach for the eraser and got my sketching pen with permanent ink out. No more erasing. When I made my first “mistake”, I couldn’t fix it, so I just kept going, and woohoo! Everything went beautifully from there.

And that “mistake”? Well, I can’t even find it anymore. It grew into something wonderful. Now when I’m out on site, I usually reach for my pen first.

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