Watercolor Painting - Kaleidoscope




Shell series No. 1
7 x 7"
Watercolor on Arches paper

I love seashells, always have. Odd for a girl from landlocked Colorado, but there it is. I knew as soon as I saw these one gorgeous day on Cape Cod that I would paint them over and over again. Already, different croppings and angles were lining up in my mind, several of them. I could hardly wait to start laying paintings out.

This is my first one. That meant it would be the most realistic of the series, because that’s what I do whether I like it or not. The first time is always me learning what light and value do on a subject, how it’s made, and what is it that interests me most. I learn how to achieve the right textures and what kind of line work I’ll need.

It’s like learning words in a foreign language so you can tell a foreigner how you feel.

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