Watercolor Painting - The Promise


The Promise


Apple A Day Series No. 24
11 x 7"
Watercolor on Saunders Waterford 200# Rough

Sometimes the most personal things come out of my brush. I started Apple No. 24 as another loose, drippy piece in Don Andrews fashion. Think his very early nudes that first gained him national attention. Moody, perhaps, but in a lighter way with more yellow in the flowing background.

Perhaps it was the smallness of my painting, or maybe these deep memories came through without my awareness and guided my hand. Things like that happen in art. Whatever it was, after a time, the paint went on thickly, darkly, spread and dripped less, and what I found on my paper was the memory of an encounter with the Divine. When I was done, the feelings were pretty intense. That doesn't mean others will have the same reaction, but for me, this is a special piece.

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